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Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Transitional kindergarten is the first year of a two year kindergarten program. It is designed for students whom turn 5 years old between September 2nd through April 2nd. This program gives children an opportunity to learn important academic and social skills in a hands-on manner that supports their development.

What is the Transitional Kindergarten classroom program?

This program provides children with a well planned classroom program to build necessary social and academic skills for success throughout their school careers. The program is based on the California Preschool Foundations and Common Core State Standards, with focused instruction in literacy and numeracy, along with strong emphasis on self regulation and social engagement.

The Transitional Kindergarten program follows the full day schedule of traditional kindergarten. Assessments along with teacher observations will be used to monitor your child's growth and progress throughout the year. Staff members will use this information to guide instruction, individualized to meet your child's needs.


For more information, please see Frequently Asked Questions About TK and Kindergarten.